In Mary’s Footsteps…

pathway of stones on stonesWhen the path is not clear, we look for a guide. How to choose a suitable guide for our journey? This question easily brings fogginess to the mind, blotting out clarity, and allowing us to continue our stumbling on the path of our own feeble creation.

For a Catholic woman, there are many choices, with hundreds of saints gone before us. And also, some still with us here on Earth, yet to be beatified for their daily, humble doings unseen, for there are saints that each of us know deeply in our own lives. Although they may escape the Papal crowning, our Lord sees and honors each of them as much and more!

While we may choose any or all of these blessed women, the Mother and guide of them all is our Blessed Mother. And with this in mind, she has been uppermost in my mind for many months now, with a renewed vigor and a compelling desire to turn to her daily.

So when the announcement of the exhibition Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, was announced, I was thrilled and made immediate plans to attend and spend time with the creations of others who also loved and followed in her footsteps.


Today’s visit found me attracted to the beautiful Madonna and Child with St. Anne (Madonna col Bambino e Sant’Anna) by Orsola Maddalena Caccia (Moncalvo, 1596–1676), pictured here. It resonated with me at this time in my life because like St. Anne, I am a grandmother and a mother.

As my husband and I stood before it, it was he who mentioned that you never think of Jesus having a grandmother. She is not mentioned in the Bible as a part of his life, so it is impossible to know exactly what part she may have taken in his life. But, I am a fan of historical fiction, so I love the idea of envisioning St. Anne watching the Christ child playing outside his home, while Mary took care of her daily work inside…I can’t wait to ask her once I meet her in Heaven!!

May the Lord and his Blessed Mother and grandmother, St. Anne, bless you especially this week as we remember His death and Resurrection.

Ellen Marie Dumer, LCPC, president and founder of Living Your Exceptional Life™, is a pastoral counselor, life success coach, published author, and sought-after speaker. She is a guide and mentor for Catholic/Christian women seeking to harness and cultivate their aspirations for a life based on faith in Christ.

She and her husband, Deacon Gary Dumer, live in Maryland, have 4 children and soon-to-be nine grandchildren. Ellen loves to paint and craft, read, go on long bike rides and walks, garden, and spend fun time with her friends!

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