Let me introduce myself…

Sometimes when you read a blog, you want to know a little more about the person writing.DSCF9124 So here’s a little about me, Ellen Marie Dumer,  and why I write this blog…

At this time in my life my passion is to connect people to what is happening in their soul so they can have a “best friend” relationship with God, His son, Jesus Christ, and the indwelling Holy Spirit that we each carry within ourselves. My own journey began in earnest about 20 years ago after a Cursillo retreat, one of several retreats that have allowed me to honeymoon with God.

In 1998, I was working at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD, as a supervisor of outpatient laboratory sites that were being developed over a large area of Maryland. I had dutifully enrolled in an MBA program at Loyola University. It was simply something I would have to have on the resume to advance in my career. My development of my spiritual life at that time was in its infancy, just starting to move from a simmer.

forest sun purple flowersOne day at my desk, I grabbed the graduate course catalog to check something about a course I was signed up for…(and this next happening will show you how clogged up my spiritual listening was at the time)…the page I opened the catalog to was the description of the Pastoral Counseling program at Loyola. As I read the description, I was filled with excitement and a knowledge that this was what I had been looking for and a deep peace settled in. As I shared my discovery, those who were companions on my spiritual journey acknowledged that this was my true gift, to accompany others from emotional and spiritual pain to a place of joy and a full life.

Fast forward to 2005. I finally had graduated with my cherished Master’s Degree. But before this happened, there was an important break for a few years. A God-mandated break that was very difficult as I had to face my own ego, but it was an incredible gifted time of growth. Not only for myself, but for my husband, Gary. He had been accepted into the Deaconate program at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. It was his time and I needed to step back and support him for we had 4 small children and both of us were working full-time. As I told Fr. Patrick Carrion, a priest with whom I had gone to St. Louis school years before and who was now heading the Deaconate program, ‘If I had to give up my incredible husband to serve God in this way I would.’ I meant it then and I still do. His coming to the Lord was a long prayed for gift.

Now here we are, grown children married and with children of their own, with time for us Gratitudeto do more work for the Lord. I am in private practice as a psychotherapist and he has built his own law practice where he can use his Catholic values to guide his work for justice. And we both marvel at the gift of time that can be used to bring others to a deeper relationship with Christ.

And one day I decided to write…in public. My musings on my Catholic faith and life. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful in your journey. May you be blessed today.

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