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If you are Catholic and it’s the month of May…

It’s all about Mary. IMG_5096

She has many titles…Blessed Mother, Woman Clothed with the Sun, Queen of Angels…

Marian feasts originate ultimately or primarily by ecclesial decision. The Church decides whether they should be local, regional or universal, and what degree of solemnity should be attributed to them (solemnity, feast, memorial) depending on the importance of the theme celebrated.There are universal Marian feast days…the Immaculate Conception feast, the Assumption feast, the Solemnity feast. And there are local feasts. You can celebrate some virtue of Mary every day of the year!

People’s love of Mary has resulted in probably thousands of prayers written to her the most familiar being the Hail Mary, of which the meditative repetition of comprises the Rosary given to the Church in 1214 by St. Dominic.

Artists have been creating images of Mary for two thousand years and she is represented numerous nationalities and races attesting to her role as “mother of all” as a gift from her son, Jesus Christ.

May procession


And, last but not least, who can forget the May procession?! I LOVED getting dressed up for this day at my Catholic grade school and bringing clippings of bright purple azaleas and iris from my mother’s garden to carry in the  procession and leave at the foot of the statue of Mary in front of our church.

What ever you decide to do to honor Mary this month, make it special. For yourself. For your children. And for her son, our Lord, Jesus Christ


Ellen Marie Dumer, LCPC, president and founder of Living Your Exceptional Life™, is a pastoral counselor, life success coach, published author, and sought-after speaker. She is a guide and mentor for Catholic/Christian women seeking to harness and cultivate their aspirations for a life based on faith in Christ.

She and her husband, Deacon Gary Dumer, live in Maryland, have 4 children and soon-to-be nine grandchildren. Ellen loves to paint and craft, read, go on long bike rides and walks, garden, and spend fun time with her friends!